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Bridges & Tunnels

SALFO has constantly been acting as technical consultant in all highway and railway projects that have been constructed in Greece during the last 15 years, thus accumulating significant experience in the design and construction of hundreds of related structures. Due to Greece's mountainous landscape the construction of bridges and tunnels all over the country was a necessity for the modernisation of its road and rail network and the connection of all major cities, ports and airports with a safe and fast land transportation system. SALFO was involved in all these projects and has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions for the delivery of all these new bridges and tunnels, under varying geotechnical conditions, both in urban and interurban environments.

We are experienced in all types of road and rail bridges, such as long-span, prestressed, post-tensioned, suspension, cable-stayed, segmental, steel and concrete.

Our experience in tunneling covers both conventional (NATM, cut & cover) and non-conventional (TBM, Open Face Shield) methods.

Our experts can provide the full range of services related to Bridge and Tunnel engineering, such as:
  • Bridge and Tunnel Design
  • Structural and seismic analysis
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction design
  • Bridge or Tunnel Inspection and Condition Surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Project Management and Construction Supervision
  • Tunnel Control Systems