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Design & Planning

The Design and Planning of every project is the cornerstone of its successful delivery. In SALFO we always start at fully understanding our Clients' needs and expectations and by prioritising their accomplishment in the most effective manner, whilst taking into account functional, technical, aesthetic, environmental and financial considerations. We always strive to respect the environment that we work in, whilst delivering innovative solutions and construction methodologies adapted to the specific local conditions. 

Our capabilities in design and planning range from all types of major infrastructure and related systems; roads, rail, airports, ports and utilities; to major building developments; sport and tourist facilities; health facilities; cultural buildings; offices and housing.  

Being a reciprocal process, wich involves hundreds of interfaces, the design process can be better delivered via integrated multidisciplinary teams that maintain smooth communications and the ability to manage their interfaces internally. In SALFO we are able to provide
our Clients with such teams, as we have the ability to draw upon a vast pool of experts, who can be rapidly mobilised.

Our experience includes design management and review in the context of major progammes and projects in several countries, such as major national road or railway programmes,  thus gaining significant experience in the design of various structures and systems, within diverse environments, geomorphological and geotechnical conditions. 

Our capabilities in design include:
  • Highways and Motorways: geological and geotechnical aspects, land surveying, alignment, earthworks, pavements, junctions, drainage, landcaping, service and toll stations, road safety, lighting, tunnel ventilation and fire safety, signalling, signing, intelligent transportation systems, traffic engineering, traffic control plans, utility relocations, environmental compliance and permitting, maintenance and operation.
  • Railways: geological and geotechnical aspects, alignment, infrastructure, drainage, track work, tunnels, stations, depots, noise and vibration control, rolling stock, safety, signaling and telecommunications, traction power, environmental compliance and permitting, maintenance and operation.
  • Tunnels and Bridges
  • Marine Works: feasibility studies, port lanning, seaports and terminals, harbours and marinas, loading /unloading facilities, quay walls, wharves, ship repairing facilities, precast concrete blocks, diaphragms and sheet piles, jetties, dolphins, mooring structures, walkways and access bridges, pontoons, breakwaters, coastal protection, hydraulic modelling, administration and control buildings, workshops, warehouses, reservoirs, pumping stations, utilities, drainage, HVAC, power, telecommunications, security systems, public addressing systems, navigation radars, environmental compliance and permitting, maintenance and operation.
  • Buildings: master plans, architecture, structural and electromechanical designs, refurbishment and reuse, energy studies, interior planning and design, foundations and geotechnics, seismic design and structural analysis.
  • Master Planning and Urban Design
  • Environmental Studies
  • Real Estate Development

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