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ITS & Telecoms

Traffic congestion is one of the key issues that public authorities try to tackle in today’s growing societies and new technologies are constantly emerging to assist mobility, accessibility and safety. Our areas of expertise in the design and implementation of new technologies in the transportation sector include:

• Intelligent transportation systems (ITS);

• Transportation management and bus fleet control systems;

• CCTV and security;

• Telecommunications and Networks;

• Urban traffic control and management systems;

• Tolling and road user charging systems;

• Passenger/ traveler information systems;

• Public address systems;

• Electronic card ticketing systems;

• Traffic surveillance and monitoring systems;

• Tunnel control systems.

Salfo works closely with major companies in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector including contractors, operators and investors. Our market knowledge, allows us to assist our clients with insightful analysis and strategy aligned to local market dynamics during planning. We can provide expert insight and strategic assurance and we can design networks and rollout strategies that achieve effective and flexible outcomes and minimize capital expenditure. We can manage the full life cycle of an ICT project from planning, through to procurement, installation and commissioning and we can provide support during operations to ensure service quality.