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11 Vouliagmenis Av. 116 36 Athens, Greece

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Rural Broadband Development PPP Project (Lots 1 & 3)

SALFO & ASSOCIATES SA, together with ELKE of the Technical University of Crete, provided Independent Auditor Services throughout the Phase A’ of the Project, as provided in the Partnership Agreement between the OTE RURAL North & South S.A. and the Information Society (IS). The Independent Auditor's services included monitoring and controlling the progress of work in accordance with timetables, confirming the completion of infrastructure development for specific geographical areas by issuing Certificates of Integration of Phase A basic milestones and its publication Certificate of Acceptance of Services as well as the Certification of the conditions for the payment of the part payments of the Financial Contribution of the IS.

The A’ Phase of the project was completed successfully with the construction of a 12,000-kilometer fiber optic network in 2,260 remote areas of northern and southern Greece as part of the Rural Broadband project.