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Doha Expressway Programme, Qatar

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SALFO & Associates as subcontractor to KBR is providing program-management services to ASHGHAL (Qatar's Public Works Authority) for the Doha Expressway Program, which includes 30 highway projects in and around Doha to.

The contract is part of Qatar's US$20 billion roads' construction program, designed to improve traffic flow, and reduce congestion, travel times and environmental impacts. Among the Consultant's primary goals is the minimization of disruption to current traffic flow and the effective communication of disruptions to the public and Qatar authorities throughout the life of the project.

The Doha Expressway Program includes:

• 30 major expressway projects;
• Up to 4,000 km of highway lanes;
• 550km of highways;
• Management of around 90 contracts;
• Over 80 major interchanges.