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Moreas Motorway PPP, Greece

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SALFO in collaboration with AECOM Ltd is providing Independent Engineering services for the Moreas PPP Motorway in Peloponnese, Greece. The Concession Agreement has taken effect from May 2007 between the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works of Greece and the Concessionaire's Joint Venture "Moreas S.A" that has undertaken the management and operation of the Motorway for 30 years.

The Motorway includes two main sections:

- Section Korinthos-Tripoli-Kalamata (159 Km)

- Section Lefktro-Sparti (46 Km).

The project involves the upgrading of 82km of existing sections and the construction of 123 km new sections, consisting of 2 lanes plus an emergency lane per section, valley bridges, tunnels and interchanges.

The following structures are to in the construction scope: 25 Interchanges, 44 Bridges, 34 Overpasses, 56 Underpasses, 5 twin Tunnels, Sterna Tunnel (length 925m) – completed and delivered to operation on Aug. 2010, Neochori Tunnel (length 700m) - completed and delivered to operation on Aug. 2010, Artemisio Tunnel Left Branch (length 1400m) - completed & delivered to operation on Sep. 2009, Kalogeriko Tunnel (length 750m) – completed and delivered to operation on Oct. 2010,  Rapsomati Tunnel Right Branch (length 1300m) – completed and delivered to operation on Oct. 2010, 30 Retaining walls, 440 Culverts, 7 Motorist Service Areas (MSS), 2 O/M Centres (OMC), 2 Motorist Police Control, 6 Toll Stations and 4 Slip Road Toll stations, 3 Fire Stations, 8 Biological Sewage treatment plants.

The 159km section Korinthos – Tripoli – Kalamata and the 46km section Lefktro-Sparti has been completed and delivered to operation.

The total construction cost for the completion and operation of the Motorway, is estimated to reach approximately 1 Billion Euros.

chekout the construction video: