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Αl Zamil Private Residential City at Riyadh 2 Industrial Area, KSA

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SALFO SAUDI ARABIA & Associates is providing review and design services to Arabian Rock Cont. Co for the infrastructure design for the Al Zamil Private Residential City (0,9 Km2), located north of the 2nd Industrial City of Riyadh, about 30 Km South of Riyadh KSA.


A part of the industrial city's infrastructure as well as earthworks and a flood protection open channel for the residential city, have already been constructed.


Preliminary and advanced infrastructure design was conducted by other consultants. The studies were reviewed and revised by Salfo Saudi to comply with MODON’s standards and regulations in order to be submitted for final approval to Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON).


The Owner (Al-Zamil) awarded a design - build contract to Arabian Rock (contractor) for the construction of the infrastructure of the residential part of Riyadh’s 2nd Industrial City. For the above mentioned reason, Arabian Rock is seeking the co-operation with a Consultant (SALFO), who has been registered with Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON), which is the Authority to review and approve the design, to undertake the design, submission and approval forwarding so that works could be commenced and completed on site.