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Al Fahim Group – Janana Tower, UAE

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Salfo & Associates SA has been appointed by Al Fahim Group to carry out the Transportation Impact Study (TIS) for the new Janana Tower which will be constructed at a Central Area of Abu Dhabi island, surrounded by major arterial roads.


The purpose of the TIS was to assess the impact of the proposed development on the surrounding road network, based on the study area agreed with the DoT Liaison Engineer. Based on the existing flows, obtained with traffic counts, the trips generated by the development and the output from the Strategic Transportation Evaluation and Assessment (STEAM) Model for Abu Dhabi, the performance of junctions within the study area was analyzed, in order to determine if mitigation measures are required. The analysis was carried out for the opening year 2018, 2025 and 2030 using the appropriate transport analysis software according to DoT manuals and guidelines.