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Concession of 14 Regional Airports in Greece

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The Project consists of the Concession of two Airports “Clusters” comprising 7 Airports each, namely:

  • Cluster A: Thessaloniki (SKG), Kavala (KVA), Aktion (PVZ), Corfu (CFU), Zakinthos (ZTH), Chania (CHQ) and Kefallinia (EFL)
  • Cluster B: Rhodos (RHO), Samos (SMI), Kos (KGS), Santorini (JTR), Mitilini (MJT), Skiathos (JSI) and Mikonos (JMK)

Works are time wise divided in two (2) types:

  • Imminent Works, i.e. the Works which have to be completed within the first period of the concession the completion of which will allow the Concessionaire to increase the Regulated Aeronautical Charges.
  • Future Works, i.e. the Works that will likely be needed after the first four (4) years; their type and size is not known today, and will depend on the future air traffic (aircraft movements, number of Passengers per year, number of Passengers during the Peak Period, etc.), the Required Level of Service, and the Facilities Condition Assessments.

Concerning their type, the Works are further divided into two (2) categories:

  • Refurbishment Works, which comprise the major refurbishment, rehabilitation and/or renovation works of the existing facilities implemented by the IE.
  • New or Expansion Works, which are either Imminent New or Expansion Works i.e. to be executed within the first forty-eight (48) months after the Concession Commencement Date to remedy existing under-capacity and problematic service level, or Future New or Expansion Works which are not known today and their type, size and implementation period, will depend on the future air traffic, and the required Performance Standards for the Designated Airport Services

The overall construction program will exceed 300 mil. Euros