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Tripoli-Kalamata Motorway, Greece

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SALFO as leader of the consortium together with SYSTAS and DIADIKASIA was supporting the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works in the supervision of the construction of the project “Completion of works in the section from station 2+394 to station 8+900 of the segment Rapsomati – Lefktro of the highway Tripoli – Kalamata and remaining works in the road tunnel of Raspomati and its access” providing construction management services.

The project construction scope included:

  • Small volume earthworks
  • Valley bridges of dual branches and completion of drainage and sewage network
  • Drainage and pavement sub-base & base layers
  • Asphalt layers (2) and antiskid layer
  • Signage and E/M works
  • New jersey barrier
  • Green works


The remaining works in the tunnel of Rapsomati concerned the completion of the left branch of the tunnel (one lane per direction) of length 1320m and its accesses of total length of 300m. The construction value was 16,9 mil. €