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Duqm Beach Resort, Oman

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Duqm Beach resort is located directly between Al Duqm City Centre and Coastal District. The site acts as a bridge, linking the City Centre District and Al Duqm’s Coastal District. As a result, Duqm Beach Resort has been designed as hybrid of both districts, combining commercial precincts, residential communities and a landmark, iconic tourism precinct.


SALFO has undertaken to provide design services to Duqm Beach Resort LLC for the development of buildings 4 and 5 of the Duqm Beach Resort project. Analytically the services involves:

-          The Structural Design

-          The Electrical Design

-          The Water and Sewerage Design

-          The HVAC design

-          The Design of the Civil works


Building 4 and 5 are consisting of a basement, a ground floor and 4 floors including an open green area with common facilities. The total BUA is 42,000 m2. The buildings includes a basement parking area, a ground retail and commercial area and four floors of residential apartments. They also have two outdoor pool on the roof of the basement slab.


Building 4 and 5 is part of phase 1 of the entire development.