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Design and build of buildings, roads and infrastructure of Gweifat Border Post, UAE

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SALFO and Associates SA has been appointed by MUSANADA to carry out design review and construction supervision services for the upgrading of the existing border (Phase 1) in Al Gweifat. Al Gwefat Border Post Development site is located in the western Region of Abu Dhabi Emirate, in Ba’aya Al Sila’a Area


The project includes adding lanes for light vehicles, buses, fast track lanes for out-bound trucks and other associated facilities and buildings. Musanada has engaged two “Design & Build” contractors to carry out the design development and construction works of this project.


Infrastructure Package:


-          Demolition works

-          New roads & refurbishment of existing roads including marking & signage

-          Dry utilities including security networks & systems, IT/telecommunication, power, lighting

-          Wet utilities including water supply, drainage and sewerage

-          Hardscape works


Buildings Package:

-          9 Office and rest stop buildings.

-          3 Car clearance buildings.

-          78 Booths.