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Comprehensive Study of Car Parking Problems in the Cities of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, KSA

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SALFO & Associates is undertaking a milestone transportation project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The principal scope of this project is the development of a Strategic Parking Management Plan for KSA that will address the overall National Parking Strategy. The Study will involve research in 18 cities with population more than 250,000 inhabitants as well as 5 smaller cities with population less than 250,000 inhabitants. The main methodological approach of the project includes quantification of the existing supply and demand for parking, evaluation of existing institutional structure along with legislative issues, projection of the future demand and development of a Strategic Management Plan which will enable the authorities in KSA to properly manage current parking needs and the anticipated future growth for the next 20 years in correspondence with Vision 2030.

The Comprehensive Study includes the assessment- and revision as necessary- of all existing parking systems and relevant legislation in KSA. The assessment concerns: conducting motorists’ perception surveys, collecting data of parking supply and demand both on- street and off-street, as well as conducting a series of interviews with key stakeholders including all involved Municipalities. Based on the research/ surveys results, SALFO will develop a unique environment of applications for a GEO-data-based parking management system with the use of a properly calibrated custom made decisional/ mathematical model. Development and testing of different policy scenarios for each City/ City Cluster researched, will allow the formulation of the Management Toolbox of Strategies and Policies. Smart parking solutions along with Smart Payment methods will also be introduced aiming at putting KSA in the heart of modern Technologies Development. Finally, the required Monitoring Strategy will be provided, so that a well justified National Parking Strategy Plan will be  formulated which will consist the major output of this Study that aims to armor KSA’s Government and serve Vision 2030 objectives.