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Aljada Central Hub - The heart of Sharjah, UAE

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• a spectacular showpiece musical fountain display

• a beautifully designed urban piazza

• an array of cafés and restaurants

• the largest children’s adventure and discovery complex in the

Northern Emirates

• skateparks

• cinemas

• an extreme sports centre

• a wealth of indoor and outdoor entertainment

• a cultural centre

• promenade and convenience retail.


• a flat piazza-like central hub, where the views are unobstructed

and allow visual connections through the entire site

• souq-like spaces (narrow and shaded) to promote the retail

component of the project

• a desert/ wadi-inspired design language for the architecture of

the central hub that is characterised by:

- fluidity

- alternating levels

- naturally shaded canopies

- alternating landscape/ hardscape and water-scape

• provisions for handicapped people embedded throughout the

entire site as part of the design

The lower level spaces are designed to be large and comfortable, in such a way, that allows light

and air to penetrate the “ground level platform” and thus give a feeling that this is indeed the

ground level of the project.

These spaces can host from outdoor F&B venues to larger public gatherings such as outdoor

exhibitions and temporary markets as well as concerts and festivals.