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National Center for Road Safety, KSA

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SALFO & Associates SA has been assigned by Ministry of Transport to provide supporting services for the establishment of the National Center for Road Safety (NCRS) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in the Trial Operation of the NCRS.


In the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia (KSA), the large amount of Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) is a major health hazard, thus suitable and targeted action is needed urgently to reduce the number of accidents. The project shall describe, design and prepare the operational concept and the facilities of a Road Safety Center covering the entire Kingdom. This aim of the operation of the National Road Center for Road Safety is to establish a surveillance system for road traffic accidents in KSA as well as coordination between the relevant Authorities involved in Road Safety issues.


International experience of similar centers is examined meticulously and the most successful models are identified in order to select the most suitable model for the management and operation of the NCRS to be adopted. Detailed action plans for the operation of the Center are developed and all documentation will be managed by an electronic archiving system.


The financial impact of the accidents to the Kingdom’s economy is also being estimated and models for Road Accident investigation, awareness, traffic education, and community outreach are described in detail.


To support all the above-mentioned actions, the current status of Road Safety in the Kingdom is investigated thoroughly and detailed implementation plan for the systems of the Ministry is developed in order to improve data collection, analysis and reporting.