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"PATHE - Section Maliakos - Kleidi" Motorway PPP, Greece

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SALFO in collaboration with Parsons Transportation Group Inc. is providing Independent Engineer services for the "PATHE – Section Maliakos – Kleidi" Motorway PPP Project in Greece.


The Concession Agreement was signed between the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works of Greece and the Concessionaire's Joint Venture "Aegean Motorway S.A" that has undertaken the management and operation of the Motorway for 30 years.


The motorway is a 230km long section of the most important Greek commercial road, between Athens and Thessalonica, part of the Trans-European Network (TEN). The total cost for the completion and operation of the Motorway, is estimated to reach approximately 1 billion Euros. Over two-thirds of the total Capex will be raised in the form of long-term bank loans and equity contributions from the partners, which will be recouped from toll charges and service station concessions.


The project includes the construction of a new 25km motorway section and the upgrading of 205km of the existing road and toll route.

The structures to be constructed include:

  • 36 bridges (12 completed, 5 in progress)
  • 3 twin Tunnels (total length: 21,500 m)
    • T1 Tunnel (LB: 1841m, RB: 1871m) – Completion of excavation works and final linings in both branches. Now is developing the E/M installation systems and the road-asphalt works.
    • T2 Tunnel (LB: 5940m, RB: 5955m) – Completion of excavation works in both branches and final linings in 85% of the total length.
    • T3 Tunnel (LB: 2760m, RB: 2746) - Excavation works in progress (75% completed) and implementation of final lining (40% completed)
  • 15 Retaining walls
  • 80 Culverts (38 completed, 6 in progress)
  • 8 Interchanges (2 completed, 2 in progress)
  • Rehabilitation or new construction of 11 toll stations (8 completed, 2 in progress)
  • 4 operation / maintenance building centers (2 completed, 2 in progress)
  • 3 police stations buildings (completed)
  • 5 road service areas (under construction)
  • 2 fire brigade buildings