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Saudi Arabia Railways Programme

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The SAR project is one of the largest railway projects in the world currently under construction, with a budget of more than US$30 billion. Major projects include the North-South Railway, the Saudi Land Bridge, and the MeccaMedina (or "Haramain") railway.
Upon completion, the SAR railway will be approximately 2,750 KM long. The SAR Project consists of two main lines, one originating in Riyadh running northwest toward Al Haditha near the Jordanian border. The second main line running from Al-Jalamid mine in the Northern province and then passing by Al-Jawf and Hail until "Al Baithah Junction," in Qassim province, then going east to the processing and export facilities in Ras AlKhair in the Eastern province on the coast of the Arabian Gulf.


The SAR project is divided into four main sections:
1- CTW100 section, which starts from AlBaithaa mine and ends at Ras Alkhair. (Completed)
2- CTW200 section, which starts from AlBaithaa mine and ends at the middle of AlNafoud. (Completed)
3- CTW300 section, which starts from the middle of AlNafoud and ends at three cities AlJalamid, AlHaditha, and AlBesaitaa. The mineral line is completed, but the passenger line is under construction.
4- CTW400 section which starts from AlBaithaa junction and ends in Riyadh at King Khaled International Airport.


On SAR's Railway network, there will be several locations that provide support and services. There will be 6 passenger stations in Riyadh at King Khaled International Airport, Majma'a, Qassim, Hail at Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mussa'ad Economic City, Al-Jawf, and Al-Qurayyat. Additionally, there will be 9 Intermodal Yards (Shipping Yards) and 17 maintenance buildings across the railway network.