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Kakia Skala Railway Section, Greece

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SALFO provided construction management and quality control services to the Ministry of Public Works and ERGOSE (a subsidiary of Hellenic Railways) for the highway and railway works at Kakia Skala, respectively.


The project was one of the most difficult combined highway & railway projects ever built in Greece. It concerns the simultaneous construction of a 9.5 km highway section, with 3 lanes plus an emergency lane per direction and a 8.5 km high-speed double track railway line in a environmentally sensitive area. The construction budget was 176 million EUR and the construction period 4 years. The project included 5 road and 2 rail tunnels, 7.7 km total length (2.4 km the longest) and 900 m emergency exit tunnels, as well as 13 road and 7 rail bridges, 4 km total length. The road tunnels, with 3 lanes per direction each, are unique regarding their diameter (15m) and length in Europe. The project also included 10 tunnel control center buildings with 1,060m2 total surface.


SALFO was responsible for the construction management of all works (earthworks, bridges & tunnels, hydraulics, paving, asphalting, road lighting & E/M works, signaling, building works, etc.), including the review and monitoring of the project Quality Control and Assurance Plan, site audits, monitoring of field and laboratory tests, approval of construction methods and materials, approval of vendors, progress monitoring, design reviews, and installation of a computerized site document management system.


The project was temporarily delivered to traffic for use during Athens 2004 Olympic Games and its final acceptance took place in 2005.