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Athens Metro, Section Syndagma-Monastiraki, Greec

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Athens Metro hired SALFO & Associates for providing support in the Provisional Acceptance of the Athens Metro Section Syntagma – Monastiraki. SALFO was responsible for gathering all project documents, for the assessment of the Construction Contractor's claims and for the final payment reconciliation.  The project concerned the construction of an underground metro line of 1.85 km and the underground station "Monastiraki" of a total area over 2.500 sq. m., in 4 levels and with a central (island) platform.


During construction of the line, unforeseen soil conditions and listed buildings over the station and the line path, led to delays and extensive modifications into the initial design and construction methods, which significantly increased the final construction cost at over 200 million euros. This line segment and the station were finally constructed with conventional methods of underground excavation.


SALFO's scope included:

  • Collection of all project documents;
  • Electronic filing of all documents and drawings in a database;
  • Data completeness checks;
  • Preparation of punch lists and proposals of corrective actions;
  • Assessment of Contractor claims for new and/or additional works;
  • Assessment of Change Orders;
  • Final payment reconciliation;
  • Preparation of the Provisional Acceptance File and Final Technical Report.