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High Speed Rail Line Kalambaka-Kozani, Greece

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Salfo & Associates in consortium with BPI-Consult GmbH (Poyry Infrastructure) and S. Liaros - Helida Engineering Consultants was awarded the «Alignment Design of the new Railway Line Kalambaka – Kozani, Segment Siatista-Kozani» of the Greek National Railway Network.

The Consultant’s objectives concerned the reviewing, optimisation and updating of the existing preliminary alignment designs of OSE S.A., from ch. position 83+500 up to 105+889 of the National Railway Line in the segment Siatista-Kozani, in order to optimise the technical characteristics of the line, the designs of all the necessary civil engineering works of the project (railway bridges, road overpasses, cut & covers, tunnels, retaining walls etc.) and the rehabilitation of the road network. The main structures are a tunnel of 1300m length approx. and a Cut & Cover of 650 m. length approx.

Design stages included planning, preliminary and final design.

More specifically the Consultant’s scope included the following designs:

  • Final alignment design of the railway line and final design for the rehabilitation of the road network
  • Initial alignment design, preliminary railway alignment and preliminary design for the rehabilitation of the road network
  • Topographical surveys and plans, photogrammetric mapping and expropriation maps
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Preliminary and Final Hydrological/Hydraulic designs
  • Geological surveys, measurements and reports
  • Preliminary and final designs for civil engineering structures
  • Preliminary and final designs of tunnels
  • Geotechnical surveys and studies
  • Electromechanical Designs
  • Preparation of Health and Safety Plans for design and construction works.