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New High Speed Rail Line, Athens-Thessaloniki, Greece

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Salfo and Associates was responsible for updating the Cost Benefit Study of the new high-speed double railway line between Tithorea – Lianokladi and the upgrading of the rail corridor Athens – Thessaloniki to high travel speeds (up to 200Km/h). The study examined:

  • The project impact on the operation of Greece's railway network, and in particular on travel speeds and times, on passengers and freight traffic, and on costs and revenues of the Athens- Thessaloniki railway axis;
  • The financing scheme (national contribution, EU funds and EIB loan) and the financial sustainability of the project;
  • The economic impacts on passenger time travel savings, energy savings, vehicle operation cost savings and impacts on the environment and accident numbers.

The first project entails the construction of a double railway line, of approximately 54 km, between the Railway Stations of Tithorea and Lianokladi; its alignment will allow 200 km/hr speeds. The project was expected to be completed in 2008.


The second project entails the upgrading of the main Athens-Thessaloniki railway axis to allow high-speed travel. The project included line infrastructure upgrading, minor realignment and safety measures at specific points and railway station extension/upgrading. The works included improvements of the rail sections: Oeni-Aharnes Transportation Centre; Oeni-Tithorea; Domokos-Larissa; Larissa-Plati-Thessaloniki,  Tithorea-Domokos and complementary design studies.