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Al Reem Island Development, Infrastructure Works, UAE

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Salfo and Associates has been involved in the Project Management and Construction Supervision of the Reem Island Development as a sub contractor to Parsons International Ltd (Parsons) under relevant agreements having a specific scope regarding the provision of specific positions and duties under each sub-contract agreement.


The development of Reem Island is being undertaken by three developers who have appointed Bunya Enterprises LLC (the “Client”) to, among other things, manage the design and construction of the regional roads and utilities infrastructure and it is still on-going.


The Reem Island Development envisions developing approximately 864 hectares of land to accommodate a range of residential and commercial uses that will be supported by various recreational amenities and community facilities.  The whole Development will have integrated infrastructure including utility networks and plants, a vast central park and water canals throughout the districts.  The island will be linked to the city of Abu Dhabi through several bridges. The Reem Island Development is anticipated to accommodate a future population of over 200,000 residents.