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South Shamkah Infrastructure Development, UAE

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SALFO & Associates SA is providing construction supervision services with AECOM for the infrastructure of Shamkha South Development, which is one of Abu Dhabi's largest infrastructure schemes.  The infrastructure package includes 80km of main roads, 270km of minor roads, as well as street lighting, storm-water drainage, sewage systems and electrical distribution networks. The development will include parks, shops, mosques, hospitals, shopping, clinics, health clubs, and schools.


The Shamkha South project is a new township development covering an area of 43 million m2, located 50km from Abu Dhabi, which could eventually house up to 150,000 residents.


Residential accommodation will predominantly be in single family villas, located across 16 residential neighborhoods, each accommodating between 400 to 1,100 accommodation units.  There is also provision for a number of townhouses/ apartments.  The development will also include 16 schools, a Central Business District (877,000 m2), a number of special development sites, and three locations for infrastructure services. There is also significant allowance for public parks and green spaces to act as an urban lung and as a focal point for social leisure activities.


The location of Shamkha South is far enough away from the heart of Abu Dhabi to be independent as a community and in it is located at the center of several new communities and along the new Emirates Desert Highway. This placement within the greater metropolitan area, offers Shamkha South the opportunity to be a regional centre with an iconic natural sense of place.