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Ionia Odos Motorway PPP, Greece

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SALFO & Associates Company in a Joint Venture with Euroestudios Company was assigned as Technical Consultant for the Concession Project “Design, Construction, Financing, Operation, Maintenance and Exploitation of Ionia Odos Motorway from Antirrio to Ioannina, Athens (Metamorfossi I/C) – Maliakos (Skarfia) PATHE and Ramp of Schimatari - Chalkida PATHE”.

The Project, of which the design, financing, operation and maintenance has been undertaken by the Concessionaire, includes the following motorway sections:

-   Antirrio - Ioannina Ionia Odos Motorway (196,0km length)

-   PATHE Motorway / Athens - Maliakos Section (172,50km length)

-   Schimatari - Chalkida Brandh of PATHE (11,0km length)

In order for PATHE section and the Connecting Branch of Schimatari – Chalkida to be a safe and modern motorway, of high standards, new constructions or upgrade works have been accomplished:

-   350 km, single carriageway, of new asphalt and 340 km of safety barriers in the central island

-   340 km of safety fencing

-   6,4 km of new motorway in the area of Yliki

-   14 km of two-way widening of the old motorway in Ritsona – Thiva section

-   2.600 new signs and 21.360 square meters of noise barriers

-   10 under and overpasses

-   2 bridges

-   5 Motorist Service Stations (MSS)

-   3 Operation and Maintenance Centers

-   3 Frontal & 5 Lateral Toll Stations (JUNE 2012)

In summary the project “Ionia Odos Motorway PPP” includes 196 km of new and safe road, 101 over and underpasses, 24 bridges, 4 bidirectional tunnels, 392 culverts of various dimensions and types, 5 Motorist Service Stations (MSS), 3 Operation and Maintenance Centers, 4 Frontal and 4 Lateral Toll Stations.

The overall cost for the completion and operation of the Motorway is estimated to rise up to 1,4 billion € approximately and the State’s fund for the project is 330 million €.


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