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Traffic Management Study in Athens, Greece

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SALFO was assigned the "Traffic Management Study and Optimization of Traffic Flow for Athens, Sector 3". Sector 3 contains 960 intersections - 180 are signalized. The aim of the Client was to investigate the traffic conditions of the study area that will arise during the typical pre-Olympic period after the operation of major road works that support Olympic Games. The purpose of the contract was the investigation, evaluation and planning of traffic management measures and geometric improvements of small cost for intersections and road sections that will be implemented for the improvement of levels of service during the pre-Olympic period and during the Olympic Games.


The study involved:


• Traffic Management plans. Development and use of traffic model in order to estimate and evaluate the data of supply/demand from the Engineer or the Client.

• Traffic Signal Optimization plans. Works were based on the representation of network loading that arose from the traffic model, in order to develop traffic signalization plans for specific sub-areas.


The study area contains the region that is surrounded by the streets: Syggrou - Kallirois-Xamosternas – Konstantinoupoleos Ave.- Athinon Ave. –Sxistou – Lipasmata – Troxiodromon – Poseidonos – Syggrou. This area contains 960 intersections.