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Aposelemis Dam, Greece

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SALFO has provided Construction Management and Quality Assurance and Control services to the construction contractor "Ellaktor" for the "Aposelemis Dam" in Crete.


The Project concerned the construction of a 61m high earthen dam, with a crown length of 643m and width of 8m, consisting of a central impermeable core, transition zones, and shells. A coffer - dam with a crown length of 188m and width of 5m was also incorporated in the Dam.


Other related works included overflow works (approach channel, overflow structure, tale race channel, flip bucket, stilling basin); a branch line 334m long; a water supply culvert with 4 supplies at different levels and a low outlet for the discharge of sediments; the installation of measurement instruments; the construction of ancillary cofferdams and temporary protection works; protective bunds; as well as the construction of a 6.5km national road deviation due to the flooding of the old road and lakeside road works.