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Sewage Works of Mytilene Municipality, Greece

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SALFO provided construction management and QA/QC services to the Construction Contractor for the Sewage Works of Mytilene Municipalty on Lesvos island. The project concerned the construction of drainage networks for sewage and storm water and three local pump stations within the city centre. The construction works included:

  • PVC sewer culverts; total length 11km, cross section 200 to 355mm.
  • Sewer culverts of ductile iron; total length 180 m, cross section 100mm.
  • Main stormwater drainage culverts; total length 80m, made of reinforced concrete with rectangular cross sections of 2m free board, and 1.50m width.
  • Stormwater drainage culverts; total length 572m, made of precast reinforced concrete pipes, cross section of 400 and 1200mm.
  • Three local pump stations.

The project was co-financed by EU funds.