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Regional Operational Programme of Crete Island, Greece

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SALFO in consortium with SYSTAS, TOMI, CNWAY and TPA, provided technical support services to the Managing Authority of the Crete Regional Operational Programme (ROP), funded by the 3rd Community Support Framework* (CSF) for Greece. ROP's six strategic development goals were:

  • Innovation and Information Society
  • Tourism
  • Environment
  • Urban development
  • Rural development
  • Tranport - Communications

The Programme was funded by 75% by European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, and European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund.


Within the context of our Programme Manager role, our services included:

  • Evaluation of the planned projects and submission of proposals for financing new projects under the Crete ROP;
  • Design reviews and authorisation requirements;
  • Coordination, monitoring and acceleration of licensing procedures (Environmental impact assessment approvals, expropriations, archeology, utilities etc).
  • Verification of availability and adequacy of required licenses/authorisations;
  • Preparation of technical reports, including timeschedules and projected cash flows for all projects
  • Preparation of design standards;
  • Preparation of design and construction tender documents;
  • Support in tendering / evaluation procedures;
  • Contract management;
  • Construction monitoring and Quality Control;
  • Environmental, and Health and Safety Monitoring;
  • Project progress monitoring;
  • Cost monitoring and projections;
  • Coordination of systematic collection and record keeping of project data and responding on behalf of the Prefecture to all Managing Authorities requests and audits;
  • Support in commissioning and take-over procedures;
  • Preparation of monthly and quarterly progress reports according to EU procedures;
  • Development of the Management Information System for the physical & financial implementation of the programme.

*The 3rd CSF is the development plan, agreed and adopted by both the Greek Government and the European Commission, for assistance to the greek regions for the period 2000-2006. It is based on the National Development Plan submitted to the EC by Greece and it is by far the largest and most important development plan ever to be implemented in Greece. For more information please visit