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Operational Programme "Railways, Airports, Public Transport", Greece

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The Operational Programme 'Railways, Airports, Public Transport' (RAPT), was part of the Third Community Support Framework (CSF) and 53% financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


The Programme comprised interventions in the sectors of rail, air, public transport and road safety in Greece; it included 6 Actions and 17 Measures with specific target levels related to the satisfaction of its overall goal, which was the upgrading, modernization and operational restructuring of the Mass Transport System in Greece. The programme's specific objectives included:

  • the expansion and improvement of transport services provided in Greece;
  • the development of the country's international and domestic interconnections, in order to strengthen regional development and economic cohesion;
  • the improvement of urban public transport;
  • the upgrading of the interconnectivity of transport networks;
  • the enhancement of safety conditions;
  • the reduction of adverse impacts on the environment and the saving of energy.

We were assigned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications with the mid-term evaluation of the programme's effectiveness, efficiency and the initial results/impacts of the interventions underway, allowing valid configuration and objectivity to the degree that forecasted objectives were achieved and suitable. We also evaluated the interrelation, suitability and accuracy of the initial programme targets and examined whether the programme was complementary and/or created synergies with other operational programmes within the 3rd CSF in Greece.


We also assessed the programme's status by calculating performance indicators and carrying out a progress analysis concerning the achievement of the programme objectives, in order to verify if the programme had the ability to solve the problems of the transportation sector on Greece.


Finally, we assessed the efficiency of the programme's management system and structure, including the managing authority and all beneficiaries (public bodies), against agreed performance indicators.


For more details about RAPT, you may visit its website