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North Crete Motorway, Greece

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The initial designs of the North Highway of Crete were executed at the beginning of the 1960's and had as target the residential and touristic development of the Island of Crete. The Highway waas planned to run through a diversiform geographic area and its construction required a considerable number of structures, such as bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, etc.

The first sections of the Highway were constructed in 1968. With the implementation of the 2nd Community Support Framework (CSF) (1994-1999) 47km of new sections were constructed, and 16km of the existing road axis were upgraded to a 22m double branch with a New Jersey safety island in the middle.


SALFO was responsible for the Programme Management of the subsequent sections that were planned to be constructed under the 3rd CSF (2000-2007). The programme included the construction of 48km of sections, 25km of which concerned the upgrading of the existing road axis. The programme that SALFO managed included the following contracts / segments:

  • Ag.Nikolaos – Kalo Horio, length 9km, width 12.5m: includes the I/C of Ag.Nikolaos, a tunnel of 280m and 4 bridges with lengths of 110m, 140m, 220m and 105m.
  • Afhenas Agathia – Hamezi, length 3.7 km, width 12.5m: Includes a bridge of 850m constructed under the caro varo method, overpasses.
  • Stalida – Malia, length 1.65km, width 12.5m: includes 2 bridges of 124m & 208m, 1 overpass, 2 underpasses.
  • Malia – Oria Nomon, length 6.2km, width 12.5m: also includes 5.3km of service road network, 2.8km of vertical roads, E/M works.
  • Agia Varvara – Apomarma, length 7.8km, width 12.5m: also includes 2km of service road network, Ag.Varvara tunnel of 499m, 3 bridges of 210m, 245m & 257m built with the caro ponte method.
  • Apomarma – Kasteli, length 8km, width 12.5m: includes the Apomarma and Plouti tunnels of 320m and 307m respectively (NATM Method), 1 bridge of 140m built with the caro ponte method, I/C of Moroni.
  • Interchange of Amari.
  • Ag.Georgios Selinari: relocation of 1.5km of the existing highway by 6m, for avoiding slides on the slopes: includes retaining walls, 1 half bridge of 60m, pavement works, asphalting, signage & safety works.

Within the context of the above programme SALFO not only managed the design, procurement and construction of the above contracts, but also prepared the designs and tender documents for several sections.