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Traffic Alleviation, UAE

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SALFO & Associates has been awarded the DoT/C/MR/18/12 contract for  the study, evaluation, design and supervision of the construction of small projects and miscellaneous works, spread in the entire Abu Dhabi Emirate (Urban and Rural) required to be undertaken on an emergency basis for better connectivity, congestion alleviation, traffic capacity augmentation and safety improvements.

The works generally include the construction of new roundabouts, intersections, improvement of existing signalized and non-signalized intersections, widening of existing road sections, construction of new parking areas, storm drainage network improvement, studying traffic operation characteristics and conditions, road furniture, signs and signal requirements.

The programme includes the following projects:

1.            IP 43 & 43A

2.            Access road to slaughter house

3.            Access road to Baniyas graveyard

4.            Abu Dhabi gate exit/entry ramps

5.            Mussaffah exit widening

6.            Landmark Tower

7.            Al Khaleej Al Arabi IPs (130, 59, 58B, 33B, 5A)

8.            Access improvement at E-75

9.            Pedestrian bridges & elevators in DoT network (& nos)

10.          Traffic signalization of IP 145

11.          Ghantoot rest area

12.          Truck parkinf at Ghuwaifat border

13.          Daher truck parking

14.          Temporary steel bridges at E30

15.          Al Wahda Mall improvements

16.          Al Khalidiya Mall improvements

17.          Nation Towers traffic improvement

18.          Al Nahyan camp entrance

19.          Concrete fence in Al Salam street

These projects were initiated by the Higher Committee for Safety and Traffic solutions due to their social and economic importance in terms of social, tourism, trade and strategic benefits, requiring an immediate implementation.