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North Kenya Safari, UAE

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The North Kenya Safari Exhibit is a part of the development of the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort. The Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort is an ambitious project is under way to transform a traditional zoo into a wildlife park that will replicate the world's great deserts. It would be the largest wildlife park in the Middle East and the only one of its kind in the world.

It is a multi-faceted development spread over 2220 acres (900 ha) and a lush green oasis city located approximately 160km east of the capital of the United Arabic Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and 140km South of Dubai at the foothills of Jebel Hafeet.

Innovative concrete application process was used to construct artificial rocks and naturallooking structures as part of natural landscape. Careful craftsmanship was used to replicate the surrounding mountain area to match the "Deserts of the World" theme of the entire Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort development, including colour themes and textures. For sustainability purposes and to mirror the geological features of the surrounding environment, locally available materials such as the Al Ain dune sand were selected, setting a natural scene with Jebel Hafeet in the background.

“Deserts of the World” is the theme of the entire development, featuring many species of animals from around the globe, ranging in size from termites to elephants. It is an excellent project to showcase biodiversity and provide a vibrant, fascinating demonstration of sustainable desert living.

The work included extensive structural work of shotcrete and various artifacts. The challenges faced for the design, of shotcrete were to meet the project’s specific requirements with consistent workability, strength and durability, artistic appearance, shotcrete temperature control, and extremely hot weather conditions.

Hilalco, as the General Contractor, has undertaken the Design and Construction Services for the Site Wide, Infrastructure for the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort Project. Earthwork, Roads, Utilities, Landscaping, Theming and general Civil Works.

SALFO was hired by Hilalco for the design, evaluation, structural analysis and safety check of Typical Rock Mounds (6 diferent artificial types of shotcrete walls and 2 types of concrete retaining walls), and shop drawings to be built for Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort – Site Wide Infrastructure (Second Supplementary Aggreement).

More specifically our scope of works pertains to :

i. Structural design of the most critical of the shotcrete retaining walls and artificial walls ranging in height between 1.50m to 5.50m, approximately total length 1250m (which are part of the landscaping works of the UAE World Desert exhibit),

  1. ii. Geotechnical survey review and analysis to support the structural design.
  2. iii. Structural design of two Concrete Reinforced Retaining Walls with maximum height of 3.50m and 6.00m.


  • Design Reports.
  • Geotechnical Report of Design Works of Retaining Walls and Artificial Rock Works.

The geotechnical report that support the structural design comprised of:

  • Evaluation and interpretation of the geotechnical investigations
  • Assessment of the mechanical properties of the encountered geotechnical formations
  • Calculations of bearing capacity of the shallow foundations that will be used to support Type 1 & Type 2 group of structures.
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Design values for fill ground and natural ground with proposed earth-pressure coefficients.
  • Structural Design Calculations Design of Retaining Walls and Artificial Rock Works.

Typical Rock Mounds (6 diferent artificial types of shotcrete walls and 2 types of concrete reinforcecd retaining walls).

  • Typical Reinforced Shotcrete Detail Drawings.

Rock Mounds and Planters – Typical Details – Reinforcement.