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Bulk Liquid Storage Terminal Facilities-Phase II, Oman

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SALFO was awarded the Detailed Design of the Pipelines from BPS area to Jetty area in accordance with the FEED documents Drawings and Project Specifications of the Project.


The scope of works of Design Services includes:

  • Four (4) 18’’ transmission pipelines for JP5 and FND76 products (two pipelines for each product) from Booster Pump Station to Jetty Area on aboveground
  • One (1) 4’’ pipeline for Nitrogen (N2) transmission, four (4) pig scraper traps, four (4) Metering Skids and four (4) Marine Loading Arms (MLAs).
  • The total length of the two (2) 18’’ pipelines is 2600 m each and the other two (2) 18’’ pipelines is 2400 m each. The length of the Nitrogen N2 line is 2800 m.
  • All pipelines will run from downstream of the pump station on steel pipe supports for a distance approximately 340 m and for the remaining distance up to the MLA’s at the Jetty area will run on the Port of Salalah steel pipe rack.
  • Two fiber optic cables will run on the above mentioned pipe routing from the RTU cabinet located at Jetty 1 till the BPS substation.
  • Power cables to be laid from the jetty substation (located at the end of Jetty) till the explosion proof junction boxes of MLAs at Jetty 1 & Jetty 2.
  • Design of the RTU cabinet 3 at Jetty 1
  • Control cables to be laid from all the project instruments located at Jetty 1&2 till the RTU cabinet 3.

Instrument signal from Marine loading Arm’s, Metering Skid and ESD Valves will be transmitted from the RTU cabinet 3 via the fiber optic cable to Main Control Room.