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Jeddah4 Industrial City, KSA

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SALFO SAUDI ARABIA & Associates is providing design services to MODON (Saudi Industrial Property Authority) for the infrastructure works of Jeddah4 [JDH4] Industrial City in Saudi Arabia.


The contract is part of MODON’s package of an overall programme of works plans, planned to be developed by MODON, by 2016.  Jeddah4 and its mirror projects are envisaged to contribute to the development of the industrial capacity of Saudi Society.


JDH4 is strategically located 45 Km North-Northeast of the City of Jeddah, near the new King Abdulaziz University and close to the new King Abdullah Economic City.  It comprises of an area of 5 km2 which the land usage is divided into pharma-ceutical, food and other light industries.  The non- industrial areas will comprise of general residential, labor accommodation, commercial areas and environmental friendly green public spaces.



SALFO SAUDI ARABIA & Associates is providing infrastructure design services  for a total area of ~5km2.