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Souda Port, Greece

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Souda bay, is one of the safest harbours in the Mediterranean because of its geographical orientation. Nowadays, it is continuously developing and plays a key role to the commercial, tourist and economic development of Chania Prefecture. Thousands of passengers, many vehicles and also goods are transported every day.


SALFO in Joint Venture with MARNET SA has undertaken the detailed design for the construction of the new cruise ship facilities of Souda Port, the main port of Chania City in Crete. The scope of works included:

-       The extension of the existing breakwater (ADRIAS) by 160 m (depth -  12.00 m, width 55,00 m);

-    Land zone works: reclamations, landscaping and pavements;

-    Dredging of the sea basin around the breakwater and the greater port area;

Infrastructure works and electromechanical installations