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PATHE Motorway, Katerini Bypass, Greece

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SALFO & Associates SA in association with TUV Suddeutschland Bau und Betrieb, Ergotest and Geotechnologiki has provided Quality Control and Quality Assurance Services for the construction of this highway segment to the Contractor (J/V. EFKLIDIS SA - ΑΤΤΙΚΑΤ LTD- ΕRGAS SA - ALTE SA) and to the Project Owner, the Ministry of Public Works/ EYDE PATHE. The construction cost was 77,840 mil Euros.

The Katerini bypass, which is part of the PATHE (Patras – Athens – Thessalonica – Evzoni) Highway, concerned the construction of a tunnel deviation the motorway traffic out of the urban road network of the city of Katerini. The project also included the construction of the adjacent and vertical road network and road interchanges.

- A Cut & Cover of 1,100m length and its open junction sections of 720 m length. The underground part has a cross-section of variable width from 32.8m to 41.36 m at the point where the branches separate to left and right and it has the profile of a three-pole frame.

- The network of the adjacent and vertical roads.

- The North grade interchanges with a section of the Katerini perimetric road of 3,400m total length, with bridges of 35m length span and precast beams and the junction branches.

Main Quantities

Earthworks: 2,792,500 m3

Road layers: 167,500 m3

Bitumen: 154,080 tons

Bridges/Beams: 8,764m2/80u

Drainage layers: 25,000 m3

Retaining walls: 55,000 m3