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Broadband Development PPP, Greece

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Due to its geographical features, Greece is a country characterized by a significant number of remote and dispersed residential departments, economically disadvantaged and scarcely populated. This causes a significant infrastructural gap as regards broadband networks, compared to the more populated and less impervious areas of the country.


The projects' goal is the installation and operation of necessary infrastructure for broadband internet access, in order to achieve digital convergence of the most disadvantaged rural areas of Greece with the rest of the country.

More specifically, Lot 1 will provide faster internet in 1,192 settlements with a total population of 170,961 inhabitants in North Greece and Lot 3 will provide faster internet in 2,026 settlements with a total population of 169,360 inhabitants in South Greece. The projects aim to achieving economic and social development and improving the quality of life of residents in mountainous and island regions of the country. Broadband is expected to have a positive effect on the creation of new businesses and jobs, while contributing to the improvement of services provided to the population, in areas such as health, education and tourism.


The network development and maintenance cost is approximately EUR 44.5 million for Lot 1 and EUR 60.5 million for Lot 3. The total duration of the contract is 17 years.