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Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System, Greece

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SALFO & Associates in association with REMACO SA has been appointed as the Independent Certifier (IC) for the Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System of the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA) S.A. The SPV of the Project HELLAS SMARTICKET” was formed by the J/V LG-TERNA ENERGY SA.


The Project involves the design, financing, maintenance and facility management for 12 years of an Integrated Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) for all the available means of transport of the wider region of Athens.  The AFCS equipment will be installed at all the thermal and electric buses, Metro line 1, tram and suburban rail. For Metro lines 2 & 3 the existing equipment will be integrated with the AFCS of the other modes.  In addition, fare gates will be installed at all metro lines, in order to convert the metro network into a ‘closed’ system. Terminal AFCS equipment will include equipment for issue, re-loading, validation and inspection of smart cards, including:

-         Automatic Ticket Vendor Machines;

-         Portable Point of Sale Machines;

-         Personnel operated “Card” Issuing Terminals;

-         Personnel operated equipment for “Multiple” issue or reloading;

-         Entry/exit fare gates;

-         In-vehicle Smart Card Validator Machines;

-         Other Vehicle Equipment (e.g. console);

-         Portable Card Checking Devices.


A number of Control Centers, which will provide information collection, dispatching, management and security services, necessary for AFCS operation, will be also developed.

The estimated cost (NPV) of the availability payments that will be made by the Contracting