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Integrated Waste Management System of Western Macedonia PPP, Greece

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SALFO & Associates in association with AECOM Ltd has been appointed as the Independent Certifier (IC) for the construction of the Western Macedonia Waste Management Project by the SPV of the Project, formed by HELECTOR SA and AKTOR CONCESSIONS SA and by the Solid Waste Management Company of Western Macedonia S.A


The Project involves the construction and operation of an integrated waste management system for the Western Macedonia Region, able to accept 120,000 tonnes of MSW per year, including a Waste Management Plant, a Waste Transfer Station and a Landfill.  The SPV shall also operate 10 existing waste transfer stations of the Region.


The waste management plant shall include a Mechanical Treatment Facility, where recyclable materials shall be recovered and a Mechanical Biological Treatment Facility (MBT), where the organic fraction of waste would be subjected to anaerobic digestion.  The digested matter resulting from the process would be further treated in an aerobic composting plant for the production of compost.


The IC shall inspect the works and shall verify design and construction compliance with the contract specifications; shall monitor project progress against the approved time schedule and shall issue the Project Acceptance Certificate for the commencement of plant operations.

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