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Undergrounding of the quadruple railway line for the segment Athens Station – Tris Gefyres, Greece

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SALFO & Associates has undertaken the remaining studies for the “Undergrounding of the quadruple railway line for the segment “Athens Central Station – Tris Gefyres”


The project scope includes the following:

-         Alignment for the quadruple New Railway line, section: Athens Central Station

(CH.10+821) to Tris Gefyres (CH.13 + 181)

-         Land Surveying

-         Alignment of the surrounding Road network

-         Structural Design of the Cut & Cover, length 1,500m

-         Architectural and Structural Design of two (2) pedestrian overpasses at the C.H. 10+958 and CH.12+703

-         Design of the Railway Superstructure - Rheda 2000

-         Design of the Cut & Cover Technical Installations Buildings

-         Hydraulic and Utilities Studies for the Railway and the Road Network

-         Transportation Studies for the Road network

-         Geotechnical Investigations and Studies

-         Environmental Studies

-         Noise and vibration analysis for assessment of the railway vehicle ride quality

-         MEP designs for the Cut & Cover (ventilation system, firefighting, lighting, etc)

-         Street Lighting

-         Soft and Hard Landscape designs

-         Planting design

-         Cadastral


In implementation of Directive 2008/57/EC and 2009/131/EC on the interoperability of the rail system within the Community and of Directive 2011/18/EU, the project received the Certificate of EC Verification 1960/6/SG/15/INS/ GR EN/ ITCF 171 for the Infrastructure Subsystem, including requirements of SRT TSI.