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Prototype Serviced Apartments, KSA

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SALFO SAUDI ARABIA & Associates is providing design services to MODON (Saudi Industrial Property Authority) for the complete design of Prototype Serviced Apartments in BIM format, to be implemented at the Industrial City of Sudair and Dammam 03, in Saudi Arabia.

The Scope of Works includes a Prototype design for a Serviced Apartment Building, in Dammam 03, Sudair and other locations. The building need to be developed at a specific plot of approximate size of 4,500 m2 [including built-up-area and external facilities], placed in such a way which will provide the highest efficiency, in operation, space allocation.  The design includes urban planning, civil/infrastructure, architectural, structural and MEP, as well as preparation of relevant Tender documents.

The MODON Serviced Apartment Building is a prototype project for a facility to be repeated in multiple cities under development by the leading Saudi Industrial Property Authority.
The building consists of 3 clearly discrete elements.
The entrance building, or Building C is a cylindrical vol-ume that is also the center of the composition and the pivot point to which the two other linear elements are attached.
Wing A is a 5-storey building with Apartments in all of it’s floors, while Wing B has 4-storeys.
Public spaces and facilities occupy the Ground Floor of Wing B, where there is also provision for a Basement Level for Water Tanks and Services Rooms.

Unit Mix has been carefully studied and optimized so that the highest occupancy rate can be accomplished through-out the operating period.
Apartments are divided in two major categories:

  • Singles apartments provided in two types, the Small One Bedroom and the One Bedroom Apartment, and
  • Families Apartments, with two types also applied, the Two Bedroom Apartment and the Duplex Three Bedroom Apartment.

While there are some variations related to the orientation and the position of the Apartments, typology and stand-ardization has been set as a primary target.
A principle affecting the allocation of the apartments is that Singles Apartments should be segregated from the Families Apartments. Singles are found in Wing A while the Families Apartments are located exclusively in Wing B.

The design intent is about a building open to its’ sur-rounding urban environment, interacting with other functions within the cities where it will be located, there-for access to the entrance and the retail spaces on the ground floor is direct from the public areas.
On the ground floor of Wing A, apartments have yards. These yards will be fenced and access will be controlled and provided only through the entrance lobby leading to the outdoor pedestrian corridor.
The public areas used exclusively by the inhabitants of the building, found in the ground floor of Wing B, are also accessed exclusively through the main lobby.

BIM implementation is applied for all designs.