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Egnatia Odos Motorway, Risk Analysis, Greece

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Egnatia Odos is a motorway 658km long part of the Inter-European Road Network (T-EN-T). Due to the variety of the landform, which crosses Egnatia Odos, in combination with the environmental terms, they were constructed 73 twin road tunnels, of 100km total length (excavated on a single branch) and at a 50km motorway length.


SALFO Group has undertaken to elaborate risk analyses regarding 31 Tunnels of Egnatia Odos, of total 500m total length, according to the provisions of Directive 2004/54/EC and the instruction documents by the Tunnels Administrative Authority.

The Consultant will elaborate risk analyses from the passage of dangerous heavy goods vehicles, as well as risk analyses without the dangerous heavy goods vehicles.


The risk analyses that will be elaborated, will be included in the tunnels safety files, which are compiled by “Egnatia Odos S.A.” (EOSA) and which will be communicated to the Tunnels Administrative Authority (TAA), which opinionates upon the safe operation of the tunnels. Within the framework of the present contract, the risk analyses to be elaborated will be considered as complete as long as they are accepted by TAA.