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Public Administration


Providing technical and management support and advice to the public sector is SALFO's core business. We have advised public bodies and agencies in managing complex programs and projects, in developing national strategies and polices,  in their restructuring and reorganisation, as well as in managing their funders' reports and requests.

We have partnered with public bodies and organisations managing public funds, by working along with them on a daily basis to achieve significant national programmes and objectives, whilst at the same time safeguarding their accountability and promoting their relations with the public. 

In SALFO we consider that training is a key objective when advising the public sector. We have therefore developed not only comprehensive training programmes, but also tools for achieving know-how transfer when interacting with our clients' personnel, as well as tools for capturing innovations and lessons learned. These tools ensure that expertise and knowledge developed within the context of an assignment will not be "lost" and can be utilized for reference in future projects, thus developing the organization's knowledge base and skills.

Our expertise covers an impressive range of market sectors. Apart from infrastructure development, our consultancy assignments also include sectors such as tourism, telecommunications, IT systems, public relations and agriculture.