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Traffic Engineering & Public Transport

Transport is one of the most significant and complex issues for modern societies. Transport planners and engineers face problems of an ever increasing complexity and magnitude. To respond, one has to deploy state-of-the art knowledge, increased innovation, best practice and advanced technology. These elements formulate the backbone of the services offered by SALFO in the domain of Traffic Engineering and Public Transport.

SALFO's transport planners and traffic engineers are experienced in the forecasting of socio-economic parameters, traffic surveys and travel-demand forecasts, feasibility studies of transport projects and long-term planning of transport networks.

Our staff have extensive experience in the development of dynamic state-of-the-art transportation models and can undertake any travel-demand surveys and studies.

We are also active in traffic management surveys and studies. Our relevant activities include traffic organization and impact studies, design and optimization of traffic signal systems, as well as the design of modern integrated traffic control and management systems.

Our professionals have experience in conducting such studies under a wide range of conditions and have participated in some of the most important relevant studies in Greece.

Apart from the scientific integrity and vast experience of our human resources, we are also using well proven tools and systems, depending on the nature of the assignment and our clients' demands. Our experts are experienced in software tools such as SATURN, QRS, TRANSYT, EMME/2.