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Waste Management

The minimization of impacts to the environment from any business or project related activity is key to our business philosophy and one of our clients’ major demands. We can provide comprehensive environmental management services that meet our Client’s objectives and operational lifecycle needs for planning, impact assessment, sustainable development and operational compliance, as well as remediation of contaminated land.

Waste management is at the forefront towards the goal of achieving a lower carbon planet and is thought to be a greater issue than climate change. Governments and private investors have heavily focused on the development of waste management strategies and facilities that reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Salfo is leading this sector in Greece by working with the Lenders and the Sponsors of the country’s first integrated waste management system to be implemented under the PPP method and having in its pipeline a number of other waste management projects.

Our services in include technical advisory, planning, design and construction supervision for all types of waste management facilities and technologies, such as:

  • Waste collection and transfer;
  • Waste pre-treatment (mechanical treatment, biological treatment, including composting and methanisation)
  • Energy from Waste (incineration, energy recovery, flue gas cleaning);
  • Waste post-treatment (residue treatment, landfill gas management, landfill management and rehabilitation).