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Water & Wastewater


Water resource utilization is becoming increasingly important for moden societies within the context of rapid urbanization and industrialization. Public water suppliers are constantly challenged for providing reliable and sustainable water supply solutions to their clients.

SALFO is able to provide feasible solutions, incorporating the latest technology, in the most cost-effective manner. We are experienced in the construction of dams, water supply and sewerage networks, including to the construction of new infrastructure or refurbishment and/or extention of existing distribution systems.

Our capabilities include water resource management studies, hydraulic studies and modeling, design of water supply systems and networks, water pumping stations, treatment plants, water storage facilities,
rainwater drainage systems, flood control, irrigation systems environmental impact assessments and cost-benefit analysis, investment assessments for the development of water-resources systems at national or regional level.
Our professionals can also support the wastewater industry by providing engineering services for municipal wastewater collection and treatment, and reuse of residues.